BPO Real Estate Service

BPO Real Estate Service

It refers to outsourcing certain real estate-related processes to a third-party provider.

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Real Estate

Services for real estate BPO will help your business grow. Your agents and other employees will have more time to improve their skills as a result of BPO efforts. Because they won\’t have to manage other tasks that they might not have time for themselves, your agents will have more time to handle other things they want to do.


What we do?

We are outsourcing group specialized in various services. We will look after real estate agencies, their agents, and others in the industry.

What typical services we offer?

We offer plenty of services for your business, which will help you to grow financially.

1- Property Management:

Maintaining the physical property, collecting rent, handling maintenance requests, and dealing with tenants.

2- Property Maintenance:

This includes tasks such as cleaning, landscaping, and minor repairs.

3- Leasing:

This includes tasks such as finding tenants, processing applications, and negotiating leases.

4- Sales and Marketing: 

This includes tasks such as advertising properties, showing properties to potential buyers, and negotiating sales.

5- Data Management:

This includes tasks such as maintaining property listings, tracking transactions, and analyzing market data.

6- Accounting and Finance:

This includes tasks such as managing financial records, preparing financial statements, and handling accounts payable and receivable.

7- Customer Service: 

This includes tasks such as responding to inquiries, resolving complaints, and providing information to clients and tenants.

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Benefits of BPO real estate services from OAKMONT

Oakmont will facilitate whatever tasks you need from your real estate or property management business.

Cost savings: It can help reduce costs for your business, as you only need to pay for the services you use.

Increased efficiency: We have team of professionals who are trained to handle real estate-related processes, which can result in more efficient and accurate work.

Improved customer service: We provide round-the-clock customer service, which can help improve the experience of clients and tenants.

Scalability: We offer scalable services, allowing real estate companies to increase or decrease their outsourcing as needed.

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We have won over $100 million dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

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