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Construction Law

Construction law encompasses the vital task of documenting the business aspects of a project and resolving contract disputes. Oakmont is dedicated to assisting construction law firm, construction law attorney, and construction companies in effectively managing their legal construction matters. With our expertise in contract dispute, risk management, employee issues, accounting services for construction companies, and construction document management, we offer comprehensive solutions to overcome construction-related challenges. Rely on us as your trusted partner to navigate contract dispute, provide construction dispute resolution, and offer advice and counsel to effectively address construction disputes.

Our Best Services

It deals with legal issues that arise in the construction industry and a construction lawyer can represent participants on a variety of projects.

1- Expert Legal Support

Specializing in expert legal support for construction law firm, Oakmont understands the unique challenges faced by construction law firm. Our experienced team delivers tailored solutions for contract review, dispute resolution, and addressing employee issues. With a dedication to navigating the complexities of construction law, we serve as your trusted partner in achieving favorable outcomes for your clients.

2- Construction Documentation Services

Efficient management of construction documentation is crucial for project success. At Oakmont, we specialize in comprehensive construction documentation services, customized to meet your specific needs. From document creation and organization to version control and secure storage, our team ensures that all project-related documents are efficiently managed and readily accessible. Rely on us to handle your construction documentation needs, providing advice and counsel for streamlined project operations.

3- General-Subcontractor Relations

As a general contractor, ensuring successful construction projects requires trust and clear agreements with subcontractors. Our services include drafting comprehensive construction subcontractor agreements that establish liabilities and responsibilities. By memorializing the contractor-subcontractor relationship, we protect your reputation and project outcomes. Trust Oakmont for clear and effective construction documentation.

4- Collection and Creditor Remedies

We specialize in ensuring contractors receive timely payment for their work. We have the expertise and legal remedies to enforce construction contracts, file mechanics liens, and pursue collection actions. With our comprehensive construction documentation services, we support your collection efforts by providing the necessary evidence and paperwork. Trust us to navigate the complexities of collections and help you secure the payment you deserve.

5- Bookkeeping Services for Homebuilders

Efficient financial management is vital for homebuilders, and our specialized bookkeeping services are tailored to simplify the process. We handle all aspects, from transaction recording to bank reconciliations and financial statement preparation. With our expertise in the construction industry and focus on bookkeeping for homebuilders, we ensure your financial records are accurate and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.

6- Warranty Claims

Contractors have legal obligations to provide warranty coverage to homeowners, including coverage for the work of subcontractors. This puts them at risk of being held accountable for work they didn’t perform. Our knowledgeable team, with expertise in construction law, can assess the viability of warranty claims and help determine your repair obligations.

We are the Best Construction Law Outsourcing Company

We are the premier construction law outsource company in the USA, offering a range of services including contract dispute resolution and contract assistance. With our team of experienced contract dispute attorneys and contract assistants, our priority is to satisfy clients in a cost-effective way, making us the best in the business. Trust us to provide top-notch construction law services tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of Choosing Oakmont

Expert Support Professional

Discover top-notch support professionals for your law firm, ensuring streamlined workflows and timely delivery of accurate legal documents.

Transparent and Honest

We value transparency and honesty in our client interactions. Our commitment is to provide clear and concise information, enabling our clients to make informed decisions confidently.

Flexible Scalability

Easily adjust your workforce capacity to meet changing demands with our skilled and adaptable staff. Our team is trained to efficiently handle fluctuations in case volume and tasks, ensuring seamless operations.

Cost Effective

Let us handle the burdensome infrastructure and technology costs while you experience increased return on investment (ROI) with the assistance of our cost-effective industry veterans. Our accounting services for construction companies ensure accurate financial management, allowing you to focus on business growth and success.

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