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Healthcare BPO

In healthcare, time is precious. Trust Oakmont to handle essential tasks while you focus on healing. Our experienced team streamlines processes like medical billing, coding, appointment management, and customer service. With customized solutions, reliable partnership, and enhanced efficiency, we empower you to prioritize patient care and make a meaningful impact. From medical billing and coding to patient appointment management, EMR services, accounting, and financing tasks, we have expertise in all of these areas.


Full range of expertise

Oakmont has full expertise in providing outsourced services to healthcare providers across the USA. We have extensive experience in various sectors, including healthcare customer service representatives, outsourced medical billing services, and healthcare marketing consulting. Additionally, we offer digital solutions to agencies, such as digital healthcare solutions, where we utilize advanced technology and tools to improve and enhance patient care.

What we do?

Healthcare outsourcing means that the back-office services of a healthcare agency are handled by a specialized company, such as Oakmont, that provides healthcare administrative tasks like medical billing and coding services, healthcare call center services, patient appointments, healthcare BPO, and healthcare management services on behalf of healthcare providers. Oakmont specializes in offering these services, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on delivering quality care to patients. With our experienced team and round-the-clock availability, we manage complex tasks while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Our Vision

By focusing solely on the requirements of the legal industry and providing long-term, superior legal solutions carried out by experienced and resourceful in-house attorneys and paralegals, our goal is to become the international legal process outsourcing company that is both the most sought-after and the most dynamic.

Our Signature Services

We offer tailored solutions to healthcare agencies, ranging from outsource medical billing services, medical call center services to medical coding outsourcing services. Additionally, our healthcare marketing consultants provide professional consultancy to healthcare agencies, helping them enhance their business.

Medical Coding and Billing

Oakmont’s expert medical billing specialist team ensures accurate and efficient processes. With specialized knowledge in medical billing and coding, and medical billing outsourcing services, we handle tasks such as patient billing, reporting, enrollment, and registration. Our certified team translates patient information into standardized codes swiftly and accurately. We also provide risk adjustment coding services and offer medical coding audit and analysis.

Claim Processing

When you choose to outsource to Oakmont, you can be confident that your medical claims processing and healthcare BPO services are in capable hands. We are among the best in the business, providing you with peace of mind. Our team is composed of professional and highly skilled experts who will swiftly and accurately handle your medical claims processing services. Our expert team verifies patient eligibility, assesses the accuracy and completeness of claim documentation, determines coverage and benefits, and calculates the appropriate reimbursement amount based on the insurance plan.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

As a leading healthcare revenue cycle management company, Oakmont delivers prompt and high-quality solutions. Our systematic process covers various critical aspects, including patient pre-authorization, insurance eligibility verification, claims submission, payment posting, denial management, and reporting. By outsourcing your healthcare revenue cycle management services to Oakmont, you can be confident that your financial management is in capable hands. Rest assured that your revenue cycle will be effectively managed, keeping it on track and heading in the right direction.

Patient Survey

At Oakmont, we prioritize delivering the best services to patients. We gather authentic feedback through comprehensive surveys, helping you gain valuable insights into patient experiences and satisfaction levels. As patient engagement specialists, we focus on enhancing the overall patient experience. Our collaboration with patient satisfaction survey companies, including Oakmont, offers paid medical surveys for patients and utilizes tools like the Celgene patient survey form. Together, we improve healthcare services for providers.

Why Choose Oakmont for Your Healthcare Outsourcing Services?

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